Welcome to Singing in Action! This is a freestanding website, connected to my dissertation, presenting performance projects, performances, materials and aspects of my practice in classical and contemporary vocal improvisation (CCVI). Here you will find some additional video, images and audio recordings and documented materials as well as the ones in the dissertation pdf. The documented material is to be found under Ensembles, projects and performances.

CCVI is a practice where classically trained singers and musicians improvise music, text and dramatic action. The performers presented in this project are trained as classical singers, musicians, composers (or choir singers). One of the main aims of my work in the dissertation is to investigate and articulate aspects of the practice of CCVI, that can be divided into opera improvisation, lyrical improvisation and improvisation without words. On this web, some overarching descriptions are presented of these (see Opera improvisation, Lyrical improvisation and Work process Vernissage).

For further descriptions, analyses and discussions of these practices, please see the dissertation. The main point of departure in my work is to perceive the improvisations as the results of the improvisers' actions in layered, communicative situations, hence the name of this page: Singing in Action.

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