In June 2015 I met Jonatan Sersam and Fabio Monni
both composers and improvisers, in the Red Room at
Inter Arts Center in Malmö. We had agreed to work in a brief project over five days. The concept was quite
simple (at least on the paper): to use electronics as a
means for live improvisation with piano and voice. We called the ’group’ Audio Activists. The aim was to work with a set up for two days, after which we would invite other improvisers to join for some sessions, and to finish with a joint performance. with the work of the technical set up. The first step of the project was aimed as an explorative phase, where we would investigate various possibilities of set ups and use of effects.

Early in the process we discovered that we needed some
literary material as a vantage point, and we chose poems by
Tomas Tranströmer.

(text parts from Audio Activists in the dissertation, p. 118-121)