13 orchestral pieces, in terms of extracted pices from operas, symphonies and ballets by composers such as Bizet, Mozart, Tjajkovkij and Verdi were chosen and arranged by Alexandra Orrgård Solén and Eric Solén. Perhaps needless to say, in the arrangements the solo vocal parts were extracted along with significant ostinatos and instrumental solos. The aim was to create an orchestral fundament on which we (and if possible, also the orchestra) could improvise. The pieces were labeled with individual letters from A to O and filed so that the musicians could easily find them in their covers on the note stands during the performance. The main reason for this is that no one knew which pieces would be played dring a specific performance. The pianist Gregor Bergman acted as a musical dramaturge, playing improvisation with the singers between the orchestral parts while at the same time choosing the next relevant piece from the list below. When he was ready, he showed the letter of the piece to the conductor, who in turn showed the orchestra which piece to take up. Meanwhile, the pianist kept on playing with us as singers, leading the music over harmonically to the piece at hand. Worth noting is that we as singers and main characters had no idea about what piece was chosen, as this happened behind our backs as we were performing the opera in character.