Here are some examples from performances with Impromans.

In this example, the pianist Conny Antonov and I make an improvised scene on the form of complaining on an everyday problem. We ask the audience for a problem, and gets the suggestion: the morning paper hasn’t arrived. It is part of a performance lecture at Malmö City Library in 2011.

This example is recorded at a doctoral meeting named ”Performative Spaces”, arranged by the Swedish research school (Konstnärliga Forskarskolan) in 2013, where I was one of the arrangers.  We asked for suggestions from the audience: a place (a park), a word from a dictionary ”igenom” (through). are heard in the film.

This performance took place at my 75% seminar at Malmö Academy of Music, 2014. The audience had written suggested words on notes by the entrance. One audience member chose four of the notes and arranged them into an order for a song cycle. This is the final song, summer bird.

Examples from dissertation

This example is a second improvised song (an impromans) in a song cycle based on words written by the audience at Helsingborgs Konserthus in 2017. The word is Walpurgis fire (Valborgsbål).

In this performance, which is performed at EPARM (European Platform for Artistic Research in Music) in Belgrade, 2011, we had asked the audience for a meeting between two persons and a reason to write a letter. From an Italian researcher we got the suggestion ’a meeting between Don Giovanni and Berlusconi’ and ’to apply for cultural funding’.

This improvised song is performed at Skissernas Museum in Lund, 2015. We asked the audience to point to one of the art works hanging in the gigantic hall, and one man suggested the sketches made by Henri Matisse for La Chapelle de Rosaire. I asked him what the painting made him think of, and he suggested ’an early stage in work for peace’ (ett fredsarbete i vardande). I chose to interpret this as a suggestion for a scene between two persons in a relation, after a quarrel. Conny associated the art work to the opera Suor Angelica, and chose to play in a Puccini inspired style.

In this example from my 75% seminar at Malmö Academy of Music, a member of the audience chose from the notes written by the audience and gave both me as a singer and Conny individual suggestions. I associated Conny’s music to French impressionism, and chose to sing in French.