The aim with the project ON use opera improvisations in combination with critically interpreted scenes from opera repertoire, as a means to articulate and problematize the image of power and gender in opera and opera improvisation performance. 

I initiated the project inspired by a theoretical vantage point: a poststructural, feminist stance. where the role of the work concept and semiotic aspects of operatic bodies and voices on stage, as well as the role of the author were researched and discussed through staged methods of de-construction (Wilén, 2013).
Improvising in dialogue with opera repertoire and forms of stage representation was a way to open up to new perspectives and choices, both for us and the audience.In the project we also created platforms for dialogue with the audience and representatives of the stage art world, such as stage conversation.
During the autumn-winter of 2012 I conducted an interview study based on stimulated recall sessions with a majority of the members of the ensembles, using video documentations of performances and rehearsals from ON. This study in turn led to my developing the IAM model, interplay analysis model (Wilén, 2015) as a tool for investigating interactional processes bet-ween singers and pianist in operatic improvisation from a performative, pragmatic perspective.