Performance of Gravity of Life IV, Hjorthagens Kyrka, Stockholm, December 2016.
Operaimprovisatörerna, Hjorthagens Vokalensemble, conductor Karin Oldgren, light designer Kristofer Langerbeck. A film by Anton Wikström.

A documentary on the project based on performances of Gravity I, II and IV 2016, by Operaimprovisatörerna and Anton Wikström.

Here is the first improvised song scene (following the soundscape initiated by the storyteller who sets the scene) of Gravity of Life I in Lund 2016.

Here is the final scene from the same opera (somewhat extended as compared to Video example 8 from the dissertation below).

Examples from dissertation

Bricolage Gravity of Life, based on performances I, II and IV.

Final scene from Gravity of Life IV, Stockholm 2016 (also in the performance above).

Example of IAM analysis (see dissertation) of final scene in Gravity of Life III, Lund 2016.